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Abu Dhabi is one of the most attractive and well-planned capital cities in the Middle East. Taking into consideration both the long-term demographic potential and growth rate of our Asian members, the management has decided to enter to a TRAINING PARTNERSHIP with one of the Youngest and Leading Educational Centers in Middle East. Launched in November 2017, Global Financial Education and Training Center will provide all the latest Training Technologies to our members, as well as coordinating many Financial Education Training & Seminars, Locally and Internationally. This new partnership will be only limited to Educational Services to our worldwide membership base through a very advanced online educational platform that will be launched by 4th Quarter 2018.

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Local Financial Education Centre of Excellence

Local Financial Education Centres are managed by local partners, abiding by their respective requirements and local regulations. Local partners have full autonomy in the conduct of their facilities use policy and, therefore, reserve the right to restrict who may use the facilities at their sole discretion. In general, each local centre is used to facilitate the respective local members and their bona fide guests.

Note: FOINS is an Exclusive Members-Only Platform. In order to avoid any potential misuse of our facilities by non-members, contact details such as address and phone are not displayed on our public domains. Members are advised to log in to their online account to: view Complete Contact Information, book appointments or make reservations.

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