Our Financial Concept

Our Financial Concept is very simple and straight-forward, yet effective, practical and highly adaptable. FOINS is an Independent Financial Education Platform that provides Ongoing Financial Education to its members; we offer our global member communities with practical and applicable financial knowledge as well as real world long-term market investment strategies, trends and opportunities across a wide range of asset classes. We believe the secret to lifelong financial success is a direct result of prudent, objective planning, discipline and honesty in addition to Lifelong Learning – Lifetime Financial Education. The world of finance is gearing up for the digital aviation transformation, that we call it, “Blockchain Financial Evolution”. Moving forward, we are committed to educating our members about Blockchain Concepts, Applications and Solutions, particularly in international payments, transactions, securities clearing and settlement as well as the underlying potential and value of digital currency, better known as Cryptocurrency.

FOINS is NOT a Financial Intermediary, and therefore, does not handle any investments, securities or funds transactions. Members who wants to invest or trade must first plug-in to FOINS (a Blockchain Platform). All Financial transactions between investors and Financial Service Providers will only take place in FOINS Blockchain System, using blockchain and distributed ledger technology. What happens in the Blockchain stays in Blockchain – and that's how it will always be; no transactions can be deleted or altered. The increased transaction security and reduced risk of manipulation in the blockchain technology have greatly reduced the need for strict financial rules and outdated regulations. Members or users of FOINS Blockchain System are totally free and clear of any government or securities regulations/intervention. In the long run, it could prove to be a broader force for transparency, freedom and integrity in our future society.

By mid-2017, all our educational related programs were being redesigned and built around Blockchain Financial Applications. The result is a series of Innovative Financial Education Programs that are set to lead this financial education platform for the next decade.

Providing Ongoing Financial Education and Key Financial Concepts to all our members will always to be the primary focus of our Financial platform. Our new state-of-the-art Financial Education Excellence Headquarters in Abu Dhabi will work closely with local Financial Education Centres and Hubs as well as Partners in many countries to bring cutting-edge financial literacy along with future investment concepts to more members, while building up a large member-base for many years to come.

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FOINS is an educational platform. We DO NOT deal with securities and receive any financial benefits from Financial Products & Service Providers.
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